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Root 66: Matt Haeck’s Roadside Favorites

Aug 18, 2016

Root 66: Matt Haeck's Roadside Favorites

Name: Matt Haeck
Hometown: Bridgetown, Barbados (birthplace); now based in Nashville, TN
Latest Project: Late Bloomer

Roadside Attraction: Hillsboro Days Inn, Hillsboro, Texas. IT’S THE “BOTTLE ROCKET” MOTEL!

Day Off Activity: Skinny dipping. There’s a lake near Thomas, West Virginia, that’s about 100 degrees year round.

Driving Album: Veedon Fleece, Van Morrison


I love lamp #ilovelamp

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Record Store: Found Sound, Ferndale, Michigan. After years of searching for it on vinyl, I walked in and Veedon Fleece was right there on the front endcap.

Tour Hobby: Thrifting. Best thrift stores are definitely NOT in small towns devoid of hipsters and vintage shops. Don’t even bother! Ahem!

Gear Shop: Fanny’s House of Music, Nashville, Tennessee. Like the good thrift stores, I’m once again loathe to send people here, lest they buy up all the good finds.

Truck Stop: Sheetz. Because dope af hotdogs ordered straight from the gas pump.

Coffee Shop: Forth, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Best Americano I’ve ever tasted (go figure), and — duh! — Canadians.

Airport: Denver. Because smoking lounge (cough! cough!)

Diner: Waffle House. Because hashbrown bowls with gravy, 24-hour service, and the best banter between servers and cooks any side of the Mississippi.

Backstage Hang: Heartbreaker Banquet or Winnipeg Folk Fest. (Eating all the cherries backstage at the Winnipeg Folk Fest.)

Best Way to Refresh Your Wicked, Road-Weary Soul: Rothko Chapel, Houston, Texas.

Photo credit: Mick Leonardi

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Root 66: Matt Haeck's Roadside Favorites
Root 66: Matt Haeck's Roadside Favorites
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