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STREAM: Björn and the Sun, ‘Young and Restless’

Jan 19, 2016

STREAM: Björn and the Sun, 'Young and Restless'

Artist: Björn and the Sun
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Album Title: Young and Restless
Release Date: January 19

In Their Words: "Young and Restless is a collection of songs that we started writing a year ago, after leaving our home in Los Angeles to drive across country to live in Nashville. These stories are soaked in love, confusion, expectation, adventure, optimism, and freedom. They are a reflection of this particular brief slice of life that we lived, that our friends and family lived, and that we can always come back to through the words and notes of these songs. We hope you'll dance to these songs, make love, drive down the highway with the windows down, and sing along." — Amanda Björn

Photo credit: Joe Bulger

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STREAM: Björn and the Sun, 'Young and Restless'