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STREAM: Great Aunt, ‘A Mess That I Left’

Aug 27, 2018

STREAM: Great Aunt, 'A Mess That I Left'

Artist: Great Aunt
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Album: A Mess That I Left
Release Date: August 31, 2018

In Their Words: “It was important that we engineered and produced the songs ourselves, so that we could ensure we captured the right moment and vision we had for each song. We wanted to make a record that was honest, sincere, and intimate, not just from a songwriting and performance perspective, but also by translating that into the technical production of the EP. There’s a lot of deliberateness in small details.

A Mess That I Left is a living, breathing thing: a palpable moment in musical time.

Each song is about a chapter of significance in my life; largely about finding a positive path forward when past traumas still haunt you. I feel like I have left all that mess behind now – although it’s still close, and I can still see it. I wanted to share it in hope to normalise it for me, and for others.” — Megan Bird

Photo credit: Great Aunt

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STREAM: Great Aunt, 'A Mess That I Left'
STREAM: Great Aunt, 'A Mess That I Left'
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