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STREAM: Listening Party, ‘Been a Long Time Comin’

Aug 23, 2023

STREAM: Listening Party, 'Been a Long Time Comin'

Artist: Listening Party
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Album: Been a Long Time Comin’
Release Date: August 25, 2023

In Their Words: Been a Long Time Comin’ is a collection of experiences and stories gathered over the last five years that have been immersed in the styles of folk, Americana and country. Representing the people, the places and the roads traveled, the songs display our personal growth as we entered our 30s and had to start confronting some of the hurdles that life tossed our way. The goal was to approach a few of these issues with a light-hearted storytelling voice so they didn’t have to seem so daunting, while hopefully leaving some room for the listener to feel hope and redemption. We did our best to acknowledge life’s trials, but also celebrate the positivity that the long journey has to offer. For us, Been a Long Time Comin’ will always be a polaroid of a time in our lives when we relied and leaned on each other to get by.” – Listening Party

Photo Credit: Jessica Kaminski

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STREAM: Listening Party, 'Been a Long Time Comin'