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STREAM: Natalie Schlabs, ‘Midnight with No Stars’

Sep 14, 2016

STREAM: Natalie Schlabs, 'Midnight with No Stars'

Artist: Natalie Schlabs
Hometown: Hereford, TX
Album: Midnight with No Stars
Release date: September 16
Label: Natalie Schlabs Music

In Their Words: "Midnight with No Stars was written out of the changes of the last few years. It seemed as though everything was painful, unfamiliar, and startling. I felt alone in a strange, new place. Writing about it was necessary for me to uncover and process what I was feeling. Now, as I step back and take in what this has come to be, I see the friends and fellow artists that came alongside me and helped in some way or the other. I see the truth that remains after a season of doubt. I realize I am not alone. I never really was." — Natalie Schlabs

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STREAM: Natalie Schlabs, 'Midnight with No Stars'