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STREAM: Sam Morrow, ‘There Is No Map’

Sep 14, 2015

STREAM: Sam Morrow, 'There Is No Map'

Artist: Sam Morrow
Hometown: Los Angeles (by-way-of-Texas)
Album: There Is No Map
Release Date: September 18

In Their Words: "I never really gave myself the opportunity to grow like I have in the past couple years. I never really cared to learn about myself — my flaws, my strengths. I’ve been sober for long enough to where I see things coming back to me. I see the fog of the chaos is only getting thicker, and that scares me. My life seems to be more 'normal' nowadays … less interesting, if you’re asking me. Music is my last escape. It's my adventure in a day that may otherwise seem mundane. This record was my opportunity to reminisce on the good parts of the chaos of my past, and to rejoice in the adventures ahead — even if those adventures are just in between my ears sitting in L.A. traffic. There Is No Map reminds me that we are all different. It reminds me that my mind can go to some far out places and I’d be remiss to not let it go. I’ve learned not to be so quick to judge myself, to take more chances, and I think this record shows that." — Sam Morrow

Instructions: Listen if you dig the likes of Chris Stapleton, Whitey Morgan, and Sam Outlaw. This fella fits right in there.


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STREAM: Sam Morrow, 'There Is No Map'
STREAM: Sam Morrow, 'There Is No Map'