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STREAM: The Boxcar Lilies, ‘Knockout Rose’

Sep 23, 2015

STREAM: The Boxcar Lilies, 'Knockout Rose'

Artist: The Boxcar Lilies
Hometown: Western Massachusetts
Album: Knockout Rose
Release Date: September 25

In Their Words: "We set out to create a more roots-oriented sound compared to our last album, and Lorne, our producer, brought in the perfect group of musicians for that. Having Jim Henry and Mark Erelli in the studio — people whose work we’ve admired for years — was really thrilling. Not only are they both great instrumentalists, they’re great songwriters, and the creative choices and magic they brought to our songs really reflected that." — Jenny Goodspeed

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STREAM: The Boxcar Lilies, 'Knockout Rose'
STREAM: The Boxcar Lilies, 'Knockout Rose'
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