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STREAM: The California Honeydrops, ‘A River’s Invitation’

Sep 11, 2015

STREAM: The California Honeydrops, 'A River's Invitation'

Artist: The California Honeydrops
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Album: A River's Invitation
Release Date: September 11
Label: Tubtone Records

In Their Words: "I've always loved the feeling of those early records by artists like Ray Charles or Bill Monroe or Bob Marley when they're just figuring out their vision — combining their favorite sounds to create a whole new genre. You can hear them stumbling and fumbling around with old ideas and influences, but something beautiful and new is happening. That's how it felt making this record. I doubt we'll start a trend — let alone a genre — but I think what we've made is truly original and rootsy to the bone." –Lech Wierzynski

Photo credit: Keith Berson

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STREAM: The California Honeydrops, 'A River's Invitation'