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STREAM: The Last Revel, ‘Hazard & Fate’

Apr 10, 2017

STREAM: The Last Revel, 'Hazard & Fate'

Artist: The Last Revel
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Album: Hazard & Fate
Release Date: April 14, 2017

In Their Words: Hazard & Fate, it is one in the same. The songs that comprise our latest album were created in a time of very intense personal and professional growth. The challenges and growing pains we’ve faced in the past year resonate loudly within our music. Our goal with songwriting has always been to find a common ground that we all share, that the experiences we have are not dissimilar to others. Fleeting moments of joy and hardship — and the decisions we make that follow — can define and shape the course of our lives. Recognizing and accepting all of these moments for what they are as part of the patchwork of our story has been a source of inspiration for us.” — Ryan Acker

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STREAM: The Last Revel, 'Hazard & Fate'
STREAM: The Last Revel, 'Hazard & Fate'