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The Show On The Road – JD McPherson

Dec 18, 2019

The Show On The Road – JD McPherson

JD McPherson joins host Z. Lupetin for the final episode of The Show On The Road’s 2019 season.


Oklahoma-born JD McPherson makes his own brand of high intellect, dance party-ready, Sun Studios-style rock ‘n’ roll. Last year he may have recorded one of the greatest original Christmas albums of the modern era with Socks.

While McPherson probably never dreamed he would become a new rock ‘n’ roll king of Christmas, SocksΒ may be his most impressive feat yet. If you’re deeply suspicious of the capitalistic caterwauling of most modern holiday music on the airwaves (except you, Mariah!) you’ll still fall in love with JD’s sarcastic and sweet collection of holiday originals. The album deftly dives into lesser discussed Christmas subjects like broken expectations, inter-family angst, holiday horniness, and hilariously, the myth of why Santa must be grossly overweight to satisfy us fairy tale-loving kids. GiveΒ SocksΒ a spin as you rock around the Christmas tree or the Hanukkah bush, or even better — keep it playing all year long.


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The Show On The Road – JD McPherson
The Show On The Road – JD McPherson