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The Show On The Road – The Steel Wheels

Jan 8, 2020

The Show On The Road – The Steel Wheels

This week on the very first episode of The Show On The Road in 2020, we welcome The Steel Wheels, a Virginia-based band of harmony masters and savvy string band experimenters who have quietly put together an impressive body of work over the last decade, corkscrewing their way across the country supporting seven diverse, acoustic-based albums. Along the way they’ve gained gangs of devoted fans of their big-hearted, peace-promoting songs.


Taped live at historic Mccabe’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles, Z. Lupetin gathered the boys around the mic to dive into their boundary-pushing 2019 release, Over The Trees, how they once toured on bicycles to spread climate change awareness, and how they survive 15-hour drives to strange shows in Iowa. They end the episode with their gorgeous acapella song, “This Year”.

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The Show On The Road – The Steel Wheels