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The String – Michael Doucet

Jan 21, 2020

The String – Michael Doucet

Fiddler, singer/songwriter, bandleader, and folk music scholar Michael Doucet is synonymous with Beausoleil, the neo-traditional Louisiana band he co-founded forty-plus years ago.


Still, Doucet relishes collaborations. His upcoming album with a new band, L’acher Prise, is a real Americana hybrid. The Compass Records release is Cajun at its core, but full of ideas from four other musicians a generation younger than he is. We talk about his legendary career in roots music, dedicated to rediscovery and reclaiming of a marginalized culture that made Louisiana the special place that it is. Also on this episode, the legacy and music of Warren Storm with musician, author, and record producer Yvette Landry.

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The String – Michael Doucet