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WATCH: 10-String Symphony, ‘Someone to Be Good For’

Sep 29, 2015

WATCH: 10-String Symphony, 'Someone to Be Good For'

Artist: 10-String Symphony
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: "Someone to Be Good For"
Album: Weight of the World
Release Date: October 23 
Label: Poppychop Records

In Their Words: "'Someone to Be Good For' is probably the closest thing to a love song that I've written, although it's directed at a hypothetical person. It's largely about losing the motivation to be the best version of yourself, and wanting to find that person who will inspire you to be better, and make those moments where you chose a harder, more honest path, feel worthwhile.

I wrote this song with my good friend Caroline Spence, who is one of my favorite songwriters here in Nashville. I had the line 'someone to be good for' and a couple of the verses and I just got stuck. I couldn't finish it, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I finally brought it to Caroline and she started strumming her guitar and, in about four minutes, she had transformed the chorus and come up with 'I don't need to be good / I just need someone to be good for.' It was kind of amazing. We worked through the verses together, focusing on some specific moments that the chorus could describe.

Christian and I wanted a really minimal arrangement for this one to highlight the yearning aspect of the song. Christian came up with the rhythmic chop, which is the backbone of the arrangement, and it felt really good to break into a full, old-time melodic break after all of that tension and build up." — Rachel Baiman

Photo by EJ Holmes. Video by Philip Noss. Audio by Tyler Andal.

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WATCH: 10-String Symphony, 'Someone to Be Good For'
WATCH: 10-String Symphony, 'Someone to Be Good For'