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WATCH: Aisha Badru, “Lazy River”

Feb 10, 2023

WATCH: Aisha Badru,

Artist: Aisha Badru
Hometown: Yonkers, New York
Song: “Lazy River”
Album: Learning to Love Again EP
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Label: Nettwerk

In Their Words: “‘Lazy River’ is about the healing process after loss. The lyrics emphasize non-judgment and patience in regards to the way that we grieve the loss of love. We often rush ourselves to feel better and focus on the appearance of being happy but I’ve learned that emotional healing is a journey. There should be no shame or urgency in any step of the process. In this song, water represents emotions. I love how the dancer (Amara Barner) in the video captures the fluidity and occasional chaos of moving water. Her movements show her surrendering to and ultimately mastering her grief; allowing it to move through her.” — Aisha Badru

Photo Credit: Jeffery Trapani

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WATCH: Aisha Badru,