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WATCH: AndrĂ© Dal, “Dal’s Breakdown”

Jul 2, 2021

WATCH: André Dal,

Artist: André Dal
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
Song: “Dal’s Breakdown”
Album: Beyond the Tagus River
Release Date: June 2021

In Their Words: “‘Dal’s Breakdown’ is an uptempo banjo tune that includes myself on banjo, Gil Pereira (PT) on upright bass, Bob Hamilton (USA) on guitar, Dave Bagdade (USA) on mandolin, Jeroen Schmohl (NL) on dobro and Meade Richter (USA) on fiddle. I first came up with the melody while looking for a breakdown style of tune. My good friend, Hildebrando Soares, came up with the idea for a homemade video inspired by what all bluegrass musicians want, which is to play all day, and on what all bluegrass musicians’ wives want, which is for their husbands to stop playing and do their household tasks.” — AndrĂ© Dal

Photo credit: Hildebrando Soares

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WATCH: André Dal,
WATCH: André Dal,