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WATCH: Bhi Bhiman, “Up All Night”

Apr 8, 2022

WATCH: Bhi Bhiman,

Artist: Bhi Bhiman
Hometown: St. Louis but currently lives in Los Angeles
Song: “Up All Night”
Release Date: April 8, 2022

In Their Words: “I started writing this song when my wife’s dad started to get very sick. He was given about 10 days to live but hung on for two months. And during that time, my wife and her sister would take turns staying up with him all night, talking about life, and hearing stories nearly forgotten. Meanwhile, I was home with our daughter trying to hold down the fort. I’d often write and record in my little home studio after I put her to bed. One night, I started picking this melody and the lyrics just sort of poured out while playing guitar. I was feeling it, so I recorded it live in a couple takes, with some of the guitar bleeding into the vocal mic. I think most people will think that it’s a parent’s song, especially from the music video, but that’s just one half of it. The other half is about being responsible for our elders, and providing them the same care we receive when we enter this world.” — Bhi Bhiman

Photo courtesy of the artist

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WATCH: Bhi Bhiman,
WATCH: Bhi Bhiman,