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WATCH: Bjorn and the Sun, ‘Young and Restless’

Aug 25, 2015

WATCH: Bjorn and the Sun, 'Young and Restless'

Artist: Bjorn and the Sun
Hometown: Los Angeles
Song: "Young and Restless"
Album: Young and Restless

In Their Words: "'Young and Restless' is about movement. It's the transformation that takes place when you leave everything familiar behind, throw your belongings into a Beetle, and drive across the country with the person you love. It's about removing yourself from the schedule, the everyday habits, and the support network of your friends and family. It's about diving head first into a city, learning the names of new streets, tasting unfamiliar foods, striking up conversations with strangers, and ultimately breaking down protective layers of comfort to come face-to-face with a real sense of vulnerability. It's an uplifting reminder that, 'Today's the youngest you'll ever be,' so stay hungry and urgent in your search for personal fulfillment. However, it's also about finding the courage to start all over again … every day, if you need to." — Amanda Bjorn

Photo credit: Joseph Bulger

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WATCH: Bjorn and the Sun, 'Young and Restless'
WATCH: Bjorn and the Sun, 'Young and Restless'