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WATCH: Blake Reid Band, ‘No Roads In’

Oct 19, 2017

WATCH: Blake Reid Band, 'No Roads In'

Artist: Blake Reid Band
Hometown: Dogpound, Alberta
Song: “No Roads In” (Live at NMC Showcase)
Album Title: No Roads In
Release Date: 2018

In Their Words: “The making of the No Roads In documentary film and album was a much needed inspirational breath for all involved. The old, abandoned farmhouse felt like a beacon pulling us together in an ocean of wheat, allowing us to find the center of our musical souls without apology. Composing and recording an album amidst the wind, heat, and summer storms was a tremendous challenge, and to hear those ambient sounds woven within the recording is incredible. One of the best accomplishments of my career.” — Blake Reid

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WATCH: Blake Reid Band, 'No Roads In'