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WATCH: Delta Spirit, “What’s Done Is Done”

May 11, 2022

WATCH: Delta Spirit,

Artist: Delta Spirit
Hometown: Southern California
Song: “What’s Done Is Done”
Album: One Is One
Release Date: May 20, 2022
Label: New West Records

In Their Words: “My parents have run a day program for people with disabilities in Massachusetts for the past 50 years, so inclusion and authentic representation in the film industry has always been an initiative for me as a filmmaker. With inclusive films like CODA and Crip Camp getting recognized at the Oscars, it’s encouraging to see some progress being made in the film industry, but it’s much harder to identify progress in the music industry. We hope that the existence of this music video will encourage labels and artists to think in more inclusive terms going forward and that people will support the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.” — Michael Parks Randa, video director

“I believe that everyone should be included in everyday activities and be represented in all aspects of the media. Our world is made up of all types of individuals with different backgrounds and lifestyles, and music is a common thread with everyone. We can all learn from each other and be inspired when we see something new, exciting, and possible around us. Let’s all keep music in our heart.” — Jamie Brewer, actor

“I want people to see what’s inside our hearts. We are warm. We are kind. We are sweet. That is who we are. People with Down syndrome want to be in love and spread that love and joy, like me and Jamie in the music video.” — Zack Gottsagen, actor

“Before starting Delta Spirit, I worked in an adult transition program for people with disabilities and it was such a rewarding experience. As a society, we really underestimate the capabilities of the disability community, especially in the creative arts. We’ve been collaborating with Randa for years, and after seeing his inclusive film Best Summer Ever, we were energized by the idea of doing our part to help further inclusion in the music industry. When he brought Zack and Jamie to the table to tell a love story between two people with Down syndrome, the band was so excited. They’re both incredibly talented — I loved Peanut Butter Falcon and American Horror Story. Having a niece with Down syndrome, it’s really important for her to see herself on screen and feel included and to know that an amazing organization like the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is working hard to create a brighter future for her.” — Matthew Logan Vasquez, Delta Spirit

Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

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WATCH: Delta Spirit,
WATCH: Delta Spirit,