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WATCH: Golden Shoals, “Ain’t No New Orleans”

Nov 9, 2022

WATCH: Golden Shoals,

Artist: Golden Shoals
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Ain’t No New Orleans”
Album: Treading Water/Ain’t No New Orleans (Single)
Release Date: November 4, 2022

In Their Words: “I think New Orleans is the most important city in the US. It’s the birthplace of jazz, essential to the blues, and is one of the few places where chaos and spontaneity still thrive. It’s below (rising) sea level, and constantly sinking because of the way it was built by the first colonizers and those who came after. For me it’s a place where I get pushed out of my comfort zone, and learn about life, humanity, and American music. I don’t think the people in power are very concerned with protecting a place like this, or the people in it (the response to Katrina point to that fact). I tried to express all of this in four verses and an anthemic chorus. Hopefully the video, made up entirely of public domain clips from archive.org, reinforces these points. Hopefully things will change before the next Katrina happens.” — Mark Kilianksi, Golden Shoals

Photo Credit: Mike Dunn

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WATCH: Golden Shoals,
WATCH: Golden Shoals,