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WATCH: Guthrie Brown, ‘Day to Day’

Jan 23, 2017

WATCH: Guthrie Brown, 'Day to Day'

Artist: Guthrie Brown
Hometown: Montana
Song: “Day to Day”
Album: Natural
Release Date: November 18, 2016

In Their Words: “The process of making this music video is accurately summed up by lyrics of the song. It was such an ‘in the moment’ experience, and I feel like that spirit shines through in the video.

My band and I were on tour opening for Jonny Lang over the Summer. We had a few days off, so we went to my parents house on Flathead Lake in Montana. Our good friend Luke Enyeart joined us halfway through the tour and brought his camera. We didn’t have any real vision for the music video; we just thought it would be fun to get a ton of footage. Once we got to Montana, it was clear that we had to make a music video for ‘Day to Day.’ We took a boat ride to Wild Horse Island (which is located in the middle of Flathead Lake) and started filming. There were some big horn sheep hanging out in the valley of the island, and I immediately said, ‘We gotta go get shots of the sheep!’ We brought a mini portable speaker so that I could hear the recording of the song as I sang along to it. The big horn sheep must have dug hearing the music because they curiously started walking toward us as we were playing the song.” — Guthrie Brown

Photo credit: Andrea Behrends

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WATCH: Guthrie Brown, 'Day to Day'
WATCH: Guthrie Brown, 'Day to Day'