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WATCH: Hannah Connolly, “Reno”

Jul 25, 2023

WATCH: Hannah Connolly,

Artist: Hannah Connolly
Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin; now Los Angeles, California
Song: “Reno”
Album: Shadowboxing
Release Date: June 23, 2023 (Single)

In Their Words: “‘Reno’ was written with my friend and longtime collaborator, Jordan Ruiz, and is the first song to be released on my second album.

“It’s about the ebb and flow in a relationship and the magnetic pull you feel toward each other through it all. My partner (and now fiancé) Eric is also a musician and tours often. For me this song and the corresponding video were inspired by that long distance, and what it was like early in our relationship when I’d take trips to see him out on the road. There’s something romantic about the time spent en route to see someone you love and it was fun to try to capture that feeling.

“The video was directed by my friend Ryan Neal Cordwell. We had a fun couple of days making it out in the desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Ryan also does photography and video for cars and a very generous friend of his let us borrow their vintage BMW to use in the video. It was so fun and I’m really grateful, because I’ve always dreamt of doing a music video with a classic car. We were also lucky to find a small airport in the area where we could film outside of the city. Watching the planes take off at sunset was a highlight of the day and really captured the mood of the song.” – Hannah Connolly

Photo and video by Ryan Neal Cordwell

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WATCH: Hannah Connolly,
WATCH: Hannah Connolly,