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WATCH: Joe K. Walsh, “Tom”

Dec 2, 2022

WATCH: Joe K. Walsh,

Artist: Joe K. Walsh
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Song: “Tom”
Album: If Not Now, Who?
Release Date: January 6, 2023
Label: Adhyâropa Records

In Their Words: “I love how instrumental music can tell a nuanced story, maybe even a non-linear story. With the right combination of improvising musicians in the same room, sharing and listening, a tune finds its way in a way that reflects who is there, what someone just said, what that brought to mind in the next person, on and on. I love the way a tune becomes a vehicle for improvisers conversing with one another, and how a given performance can be so uniquely specific to one moment, one place, one combination of humans. I think Nikolai’s video perfectly matches that emotional arc. This tune is dedicated to the people who found creative ways to make sure that musicians survived the pandemic.” — Joe K. Walsh

Photo Credit: Nikolai Fox

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WATCH: Joe K. Walsh,