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WATCH: Katie Williams, ‘Trouble Knows My Name’

Sep 18, 2015

WATCH: Katie Williams, 'Trouble Knows My Name'

Artist: Katie Williams
Hometown: Norman, OK
Song: "Trouble Knows My Name"
Album: Force of Nature

In Their Words: "'Trouble Knows My Name' was one of those special gifts from the music gods that struck quickly and fluidly. I happened to be at my day job at the time, so I had to sneak out and write it down on my lunch break. Images of cotton fields and coal mines flooded my brain. Sometimes I write about the experiences in my own lifetime. Other times, like with 'Trouble,' they seem to come from the well of the past. The song began as a simple voice recording on my phone, and it wasn't until I collaborated with Steve Boaz, out of Breathing Rhythm Studio, that we really saw it come to life. He immediately knew the spirit and direction I wanted to go in. I'm so glad we were able to pull it off and that it has resonated so well with people. Everybody has a little trouble in their lives. The trick is to never let it catch you." — Katie Williams

Photo credit: Christian Odell

Video by: Brian Blackwood and Brook Blackwood

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WATCH: Katie Williams, 'Trouble Knows My Name'