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WATCH: Midnight North, “Coyote”

Feb 10, 2022

WATCH: Midnight North,

Artist: Midnight North
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Song: “Coyote”
Album: There’s Always a Story
Release Date: July 23, 2021
Label: Americana Vibes

In Their Words: “I began writing the lyrics for ‘Coyote’ while on a cross-country flight in 2019, when life was busy and there was rarely a day off to spend home writing. I was looking out the airplane window thinking about Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Coyote,’ and the imagery and storyline of one of my favorite of her songs. I was also thinking about what the word coyote meant in a different context, one that touches on the current events on our US border, and the families and children who are deeply tangled in the mess of our immigration system.

“I knew the music for this song had to match the intensity and sensitivity of the lyrics, so I asked my dear friend and colleague Jason Crosby to help arrange a string section for the song that would provide that. Jason coordinated the connection with Dave Eggar to create the string section. I cried the first time I heard the final arrangement. I instantly knew it was perfect and so beautifully helped tell the story of this song. My bandmates brought a gorgeous feel & simplicity to the recording, and Grahame, Nathan, and guest vocalists Allison Russell & JT Nero‚Äôs harmonies give the song an otherworldly quality. I feel the music supports and showcases the message of the song, and I hope that it elicits thoughts, feelings, conversation and action.” — Elliott Peck

Photo credit: Samson Watson

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WATCH: Midnight North,
WATCH: Midnight North,