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WATCH: Molly Tuttle Reinterprets Rancid’s “Olympia, WA”

Dec 23, 2020

WATCH: Molly Tuttle Reinterprets Rancid’s “Olympia, WA”

One of Molly Tuttle’s strongest suits is her fluency in an array of instruments and styles. Using her experience as an excellent clawhammer banjo player and a masterful guitarist, she has forged a unique style of clawhammer guitar-playing. Similarly, Tuttle is at home in old-time music, traditional bluegrass, and more modern roots styles. Already an artist who seemingly can do it all, the California native’s newest endeavor is showcasing an even broader range of musicianship.

Her 2020 album, titled …but i’d rather be with you, is made completely of cover songs by artists from many different genres, including the National, the Rolling Stones, and Grateful Dead. In her interpretation of Rancid’s “Olympia, WA,” Tuttle’s ability to match her voice to the energy of the song speaks volumes of the caliber of musician that she is. In her trademark effortless way, she brings an acoustic guitar to a punk rock song and somehow still delivers an inspiring performance. Watch the video here.

Photo credit: Zach Pigg

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WATCH: Molly Tuttle Reinterprets Rancid’s “Olympia, WA”