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WATCH: Nat Myers, “75-71”

Mar 31, 2023

WATCH: Nat Myers,

Artist: Nat Myers
Hometown: Kenton County, Kentucky
Song: “75-71”
Album: Yellow Peril
Release Date: June 23, 2023
Label: Easy Eye Sound

In Their Words: “I wrote ’75-71′ because heartbreak can crack you like some kind of blacktop. The miles I spent gunnin from Covington to Louisville, Lexington to Midway, chasin love out of town when it never wanted me to leave, damn I felt as low as a stump. For a long time I wanted to escape the anguishes that you both give and receive, before you learn the meaning of being a better man. I wanted to do justice to the old train songs I always loved, and the many travelers I met who is still hobo-in their way, even when the old lines like the L&N or the Yellow Dog ain’t but a memory thru a foggy lookin glass. The song ends in my necks, where Anderson Ferry still ebbs between the coal barges takin their loads down river, past Boone County’s oxbows toward the Falls of the Ohio. Some of these things can bring tears to those who know em.” — Nat Myers

Photo Credit: Jim Herrington

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WATCH: Nat Myers,
WATCH: Nat Myers,