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WATCH: Nefesh Mountain, “Revival”

Feb 1, 2023

WATCH: Nefesh Mountain,

Artist: Nefesh Mountain
Hometown: New York City
Song: “Revival”
Album: Revival: The East Nashville Sessions (Spring 2023)
Label: Eden Sky Music

In Their Words: “We’ve gone through so much these past few years, both as a band and as a family! We released two albums, welcomed our baby girl Willow into the world, and toured all while slowly turning the sonic dial of our sound and live shows, adding more extended solos, compositions, and jams. I kept hearing drums and electric guitars in our music, and maybe it’s having this beautiful baby in our lives but I keep going back to the music that I grew up on — bluegrass, yes, and also Hendrix, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Dylan, and The Allman Brothers! I always say there are no rules to our music, no boxes we need to be stuck in, and ‘Revival’ is the first of many new songs and sounds for us in 2023 and beyond.” — Eric Lindberg, Nefesh Mountain

“We live in a world with so much blatant antisemitism and racism, but despite this hate we wanted to pick up thematically where our last album left off — singing nonetheless from a place of love, forward motion, and hope. ‘Revival’ is a classic Allman Brothers tune that we’ve always loved and responded to … about radical LOVE and how music can bring us together. The line that spoke to us the most was ‘We’re in a revolution, don’t you know we’re right. When everyone is singing, there will be no one left to fight.'” — Doni Zasloff, Nefesh Mountain

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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WATCH: Nefesh Mountain,
WATCH: Nefesh Mountain,