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WATCH: Pharis & Jason Romero, “Cannot Change It All” (Live in Horsefly, BC)

Jul 19, 2022

WATCH: Pharis & Jason Romero,

Artist: Pharis & Jason Romero
Hometown: Horsefly, BC
Song: “Cannot Change It All”
Album: Tell ‘Em You Were Gold
Release Date: June 17, 2022
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

In Their Words: “‘Cannot Change It All’ started with Clara the banjo. Clara has a 12” rim and a small flangeless resonator, all made from Claro walnut salvaged from a fire. For the banjo-interested: the tonering is a rolled brass tube sitting on a v-channel of rosewood, so it has plenty of nice metal overtones on top of the woody richness of the pau ferro. Jason was playing around with the banjo in the tuning d#BF#G#B and this ‘Little Birdie’-esque riff started coming out. We sat down and played ‘Little Birdie’ for a while, trying it out on piano and guitar, and then we went camping and canoeing in an incredible valley in the mountains. ‘Little Birdie’ was stuck in Phar’s head, and the words ‘man is best when he does not know the riches at his feet’ just popped out with the rhythm of the canoe paddle. It’s on our minds a lot: how to be a loving and beloved part of the ecosystem.

“The videographers, Trent Freeman and Eva Anandi Brownstein, filmed nearly the whole time we were making the album. ‘Cannot Change’ was filmed as one long beautiful moving shot. Patrick Metzger (bass) had arrived that morning, and we’d spent the day recording some other songs for the record. We had supper and went back to the barn for a rehearsal run on ‘Cannot Change’; it was dark and snowing outside and cozy in the barn, and the kids were in bed. It all felt so good that we just went for it.” — Pharis & Jason Romero

Photo Credit: Patrick King

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WATCH: Pharis & Jason Romero,
WATCH: Pharis & Jason Romero,