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WATCH: Rick Barry, ‘Where Do the Seasons Get Their Names’

Oct 28, 2016

WATCH: Rick Barry, 'Where Do the Seasons Get Their Names'

Artist: Rick Barry
Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ
Song: "Where Do the Seasons Get Their Names"
Album: Curses, Maledictions, and Harsh Reiteration
Release Date: October 21

In Their Words: "As with many of the songs on this record, 'Where Do the Seasons Get Their Names' was written as part of a writing challenge that required me to write and perform a 30-minute set of completely new material once a month. All in all, I think the song was completed in under an hour. I try not to spend too much time wondering what a song is going to be about while writing it: I just write and let that all come naturally.

It was Autumn, the weather was starting to turn, and I just remember feeling these awful butterflies in the pit of my stomach all afternoon. A sadness that kind of crept up out of nowhere over the course of a few weeks and didn't seem to be going anywhere. All of that fell out onto the paper as I jotted the words down. To me, this song is about the passage of time, not just from day to day or season to season, but the inevitability of the passing of your entire life and the burdensome realization that one never seems to have enough time." — Rick Barry

Video by Amanda Duncan

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WATCH: Rick Barry, 'Where Do the Seasons Get Their Names'