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WATCH: Robbie Fulks, ‘Sarah Jane’

Jun 17, 2016

WATCH: Robbie Fulks, 'Sarah Jane'

Artist: Robbie Fulks
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Song: “Sarah Jane” (Live at BSHQ)
Album: Upland Stories
Label: Bloodshot Records

In Their Words: "I wrote 'Sarah Jane' in kind of a hurry — it being the last slot to fill in the set of songs I recorded as Upland Stories. I thought the record could use one tune that was short, tender, simple, and from-the-heart. It’s about long-ago moments of young romance that flicker in your mind decades on … and when you’re traveling and far from home and less distracted by family business, they seem to flicker with a more unsettling, nigh-unstoppable intensity.

Though it’s simple, it ultimately took a while to record. We tried 25 or 30 takes with different instruments, and the master is comped from, I think, four takes. But the one I did at Bloodshot’s office was one take. See which you think is better!" — Robbie Fulks

Photo credit: Andy Goodwin

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WATCH: Robbie Fulks, 'Sarah Jane'
WATCH: Robbie Fulks, 'Sarah Jane'