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WATCH: Ron Block & Clay Hess, “The Old Spinning Wheel”

Oct 19, 2022

WATCH: Ron Block & Clay Hess,

Artists: Ron Block and Clay Hess
Hometown: Nashville (Ron Block); Peebles, Ohio (Clay Hess)
Song: “The Old Spinning Wheel”
Album: Live at Reverb And Echo
Release Date: October 19, 2022

In Their Words: “‘The Old Spinning Wheel’ is a tune I first heard through Larry Sparks, years ago, on an instrumental album he recorded. It’s an old song from years past, and I always love to play simple song melodies on the guitar.” — Ron Block

“I first heard ‘The Old Spinning Wheel’ from a guy named Dave Starlin. He was one of my mentors starting out. He used to sing it. I usually try to sing the song with the guitar on simple melodies like this. This style of song is so much fun to play.” — Clay Hess

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WATCH: Ron Block & Clay Hess,
WATCH: Ron Block & Clay Hess,