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WATCH: Scott Mulvahill Shows His ‘Creative Potential’ in the Studio

Dec 30, 2020

WATCH: Scott Mulvahill Shows His 'Creative Potential' in the Studio

Some instruments tend to have a pretty specific role in the world of roots music. It takes a great deal of ingenuity and skill to challenge these roles, create something truly unique, and expand the capabilities of an instrument. That is exactly what singer-songwriter Scott Mulvahill has done with his growing catalog of solo material. Not only is he a talented both singing and songwriting, but he is also a world-renowned bass player, previously fulfilling low-end duties for Ricky Skaggs’ legendary bluegrass band Kentucky Thunder.

Mulvahill’s creativity and uniqueness shine in his 2020 release, Creative Potential, a project filled with songs that put a smile on your face. Love, happiness, and joy are each subjects of several of the tracks, making this EP a bright spot in a dull year. Smooth singing and skillful playing abound, but an extra treat in this release is the wonderfully thought-out arrangement and presentation of the music. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Scott Mulvahill yet, we highly recommend you get on the train and hear just what is so special about Creative Potential.

Photo credit: Lindsey Patkos

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WATCH: Scott Mulvahill Shows His 'Creative Potential' in the Studio