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WATCH: Sean Rowe and Alisa Amador Cover Tom Waits on ‘Can I Eat This?’

Jan 11, 2023

WATCH: Sean Rowe and Alisa Amador Cover Tom Waits on 'Can I Eat This?'

In each episode of the new series Can I Eat This?, singer-songwriter and avid forager Sean Rowe is joined by a musical guest with whom he ventures out into the woods surrounding the artfully designed grounds of AutoCamp’s Catskills resort where wild food abounds. In addition to finding, harvesting, and preparing their haul, Rowe and his guest record a song together. In the second episode, he performs Tom Waits’ “Hold On” with Alisa Amador.

“You really never know what kind of chemistry you’re going to have with another artist on set,” Rowe says. “I’d never performed with Alisa before and in fact, hadn’t even met her before she showed up for the shoot! I love the risky element of improvisation where you just don’t know what to expect, but Alisa’s positive energy on the set was palpable and infectious.”

Among other wild foods-based programs, which tend to be serious in tone with an emphasis on survivalist themes, Can I Eat This? stands out. Rowe’s enthusiasm is infectious and welcoming to anyone who wants to learn more about this increasingly popular pursuit. The developing interest in foraging can be attributed to a number of factors including a flood of books and documentaries detailing the alarmingly negative health and environmental impacts of America’s fast-food/factory-farmed-based diets. Also, after more than two years spent in an emotionally-charged state of isolation, many are seeking out the space and quiet serenity of nature. Taken in combination, the series is a gentle and inviting respite from modern life and provides viewers with relatively simple methods of making positive changes in their lives.

Editor’s Note: Watch Episode 1 with musical guest Taylor Ashton.

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WATCH: Sean Rowe and Alisa Amador Cover Tom Waits on 'Can I Eat This?'