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WATCH: Songs From The Road Band, “Road to Nowhere”

Oct 5, 2018

WATCH: Songs From The Road Band,

Artist: Songs From The Road Band
Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Song: “Road to Nowhere”
Album: Road to Nowhere
Label: Lucks Dumpy Toad Records

In Their Words: “‘Road To Nowhere’ is a song about reconnecting with humanity. Today’s world is filled with digital distractions and all sorts of hustle, bustle, and worry. ‘Road To Nowhere’ will hopefully encourage the listener to get lost on a back road and spend some face to face time with a real person. The basic theme of the song is ‘unplug’ and reconnect with the natural world and the people in it!” – Charles Humphreys III

Photo credit: Sandlin Gaither

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WATCH: Songs From The Road Band,