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WATCH: Stillhouse Junkies, “1963”

Apr 7, 2023

WATCH: Stillhouse Junkies,

Artist: Stillhouse Junkies
Hometown: Durango, Colorado
Song: “1963”
Album: Small Towns
Release Date: April 7, 2023 (vinyl)
Label: Dark Shadow Recording

In Their Words: “‘1963’ was written only a few months after I moved to Durango, Colorado, from New England where I had left behind a high school teaching career. I was feeling nostalgic and more than a little uncertain about what my new life would look like in the mountains, and tried to tap into that feeling to write one of the earliest Stillhouse Junkies songs. It’s the story of someone who, looking back at the ups and downs of life, is OK with what was and what never came to be, and has made peace with lost love. The song is also a not-so-subtle tribute to single malt whiskey in all its glorious complexity. Like a 15-year-old Scotch, life does seem to become richer with age and experience and that has been something of a mantra (and consolation) for me as I’ve navigated a new life in music.” — Fred Kosak, Stillhouse Junkies

Photo Credit: Madison Thorn

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WATCH: Stillhouse Junkies,