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WATCH: The Milk Carton Kids, ‘Live From Lincoln Theatre’

Sep 4, 2020

WATCH: The Milk Carton Kids, 'Live From Lincoln Theatre'

Artist: The Milk Carton Kids
Album: Live From Lincoln Theatre
Release Date: Released on video in 2014; released on streaming services in 2020
Label: ANTI- Records

Editor’s Note: The Milk Carton Kids both filmed and recorded Live From Lincoln Center in Columbus, Ohio, in October 2013 during a tour in support of their Grammy-nominated album The Ash & Clay. Originally the video was edited and the audio mixed by band member Kenneth Pattengale in the band’s Sprinter van in the days following the show. Now it has been remastered by Kim Rosen, one of the band’s favorite collaborators.

In Their Words:Live From Lincoln Theatre is the truest representation of what Joey and I have been up to for the last decade. The set list is like a greatest hits album of Milk Carton Kids songs. I’ve never played guitar in the studio quite the way that it comes together on stage. Our voices also communicate something extra for the occasion. And, of course, Joey doesn’t ramble about our master recordings, but there’s no stopping him once the lights are dim and the mics are hot. … In Columbus everything came together the way that it does when audience and performer are in fine form, the energy coalescing into the mystery that drives us musicians to do EVERYTHING we do.” — Kenneth Pattengale

Photo credit: Jessica Perez

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WATCH: The Milk Carton Kids, 'Live From Lincoln Theatre'
WATCH: The Milk Carton Kids, 'Live From Lincoln Theatre'
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