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WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes, “Fields of Gold”

Aug 15, 2022

WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes,

Artists: Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes
Song: “Fields of Gold” (Sting cover)
Album: Accomplice Series Vol. 3 (EP)
Release Date: September 23, 2022
Label: CGP Sounds

In Their Words: “I always think like a singer when I play a Sting melody. Playing this masterpiece with Mike is always fun and emotional…a simple repetitive melody with a slowly building arrangement that becomes powerful.” — Tommy Emmanuel

“‘Fields’ was Tommy’s idea based on his own arrangement from the Can’t Get Enough record [Emmanuel’s 1996 album]. I wanted to hold down something of a strict rhythm and backbeat for this one. The result is a mid-tempo homage to the classic Sting song. This [EP version] was recorded in a single take by Marc DeSisto. I’m playing in DADGAD tuning whilst Tommy is in standard tuning. I particularly like the different tones on our guitars on this one. Tommy’s bright flatpicked Maton soars over my fingerpicked Indian Rose Cuntz guitar. This was very important in a tune with doubled melodies.” — Mike Dawes

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WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes,
WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel & Mike Dawes,