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We’re Looking Back (and Forward ) With Mandolin Orange’s Music at the Mansion

Mar 31, 2021

We're Looking Back (and Forward ) With Mandolin Orange's Music at the Mansion

At the one-year mark of the pandemic drastically changing our daily lives, let’s take a minute to reflect. Sure, we’ve seen more livestreamed content than we ever cared to see, we’ve ordered more takeout than we deem reasonable, and we’ve had far fewer haircuts than we’d like to admit in the last 12 months. Live music has all but disappeared from our lives. Although the brilliant artists we love have found creative ways to connect with their audiences, fans haven’t been able to regularly engage in a person-to-person musical experience in some time. As we reflect on all these things that have come to pass, it is this author’s earnest and sincere hope that we also look forward.

The live music experience is gradually coming back, too, and to remind us of the beauty of an intimate acoustic performance, we’ve dug up this video from Mandolin Orange’s show for the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. Now that spring is here, let the joys of new beginnings fill your home by watching this full set and remembering what it’s like to crowd into a room to hear beautiful music, seeing no mask and fearing no illness. As tumultuous as the last year was, let us remember, celebrate, and continue pressing on, making preparations for the possibility of having intimate musical experiences like this once again in 2021. Watch the lovely concert below.

Photo credit: Kendall Bailey

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We're Looking Back (and Forward ) With Mandolin Orange's Music at the Mansion