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You Gotta Hear This: New Music from Caleb Caudle, Zoe Boekbinder, and More

Feb 2, 2024

You Gotta Hear This: New Music from Caleb Caudle, Zoe Boekbinder, and More

This week, BGS readers enjoyed two brand new, original sessions – one from Jesper Lindell at Rootsy Summer Fest ’23 and the other featuring bluegrass singer-songwriter Theo MacMillan for our latest Yamaha Session.

Now, to wrap up the week, we’re celebrating new releases from a host of roots musicians like Caleb Caudle, Zoe Boekbinder, Eddie Sanders, Denmark-based string band Twang, and fiddler Andy Leftwich.

Of all the new music released this week, you gotta hear this!

Caleb Caudle, “Monte Carlo”

Artist: Caleb Caudle
Hometown: Germanton, North Carolina
Song: “Monte Carlo”
Album: Live From Cash Cabin
Release Date: January 31, 2024 (single); February 29, 2024 (EP)

In Their Words: “We recorded these songs live at Cash Cabin in the spring of 2022 and had such a great time. It was one of my last memories of playing music with my friend, Alex McKinney, who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. His untimely death hit me like a ton of bricks and I wanted to release this now to showcase what an amazing musician he was. I’m so thankful for these recordings that keep his spirit alive.” – Caleb Caudle

Video Credit: Joseph Cash

Zoe Boekbinder, “Hold My Hand”

Artist: Zoe Boekbinder
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Song: “Hold My Hand”
Album: Wildflower
Release Date: February 2, 2024 (single); April 26, 2024 (album)
Label: Are and Be Recordings

In Their Words: “‘Hold My Hand’ was written on a farm of rescue horses in the mountains in northern Spain. I was there doing a music residency in the summer of 2017. Myself and another songwriter, Dustin Hamman, co-wrote a collection of songs and recorded them all in one week. We also each wrote one song independent of each other. ‘Hold My Hand’ was mine. We slept in the attic of the horse barn, directly above the horse stalls. One of the horses had digestive issues that caused it to fart very loudly and constantly. It was an interesting soundtrack for sleeping. Somehow in that silliness, I wrote this very painful song about my confused heart.” – Zoe Boekbinder

Twang, “Crowdpleaser”

Artist: Twang
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Song: “Crowdpleaser”
Release Date: February 2, 2024

In Their Words: “The song talks about a musician’s encounter with the audience and the fear that things could go terribly wrong. Despite this fear, the message is to be honest and give everything you have, in order to receive the same honesty and love in return. The chorus goes: ‘Love is honesty, honesty, respect / What you give is what you get.'” – Twang

Video Credit: Hidayet C

Eddie Sanders, “Chasing That Midnight Moon”

Artist: Eddie Sanders
Hometown: McAlester, Oklahoma
Song: “Chasing That Midnight Moon”
Album: Born to Fly
Label: True Lonesome Records

In Their Words: “I really love this new single, ‘Chasing That Midnight Moon,’ a song I co-wrote with my producer and good friend, Glen Duncan. Glen, along with an all-star cast of pickers, found a dynamic studio groove on this one right away. Then, when the great John Cowan added his signature harmony, it immediately became one of my favorites on the forthcoming album and locked it in as the debut single. I can’t wait for everyone to check it out on the new True Lonesome Records label!” – Eddie Sanders

“What a pleasure and pleasant surprise to get to participate on Eddie’s ‘Chasing That Midnight Moon.’ Eddie possesses one of the finest voices and songwriting gifts in contemporary bluegrass music.” – John Cowan

Andy Leftwich, “Behind the 8 Ball”

Artist: Andy Leftwich
Hometown: Carthage, Tennessee
Song: “Behind the 8 Ball”
Release Date: February 2, 2024
Label: Mountain Home Music Company

In Their Words: “The idea of this song was to have an upbeat ‘barn burner’ that could lend itself to some really creative soloing, and I feel like we captured that here. I have to give the credit of the title to my wife, Rachel, who heard me mention this phrase while in the studio recording it. We were moving along, but not at the pace I was hoping, so we were behind on time. At the end of the day, she mentioned naming this song, ‘Behind the 8 Ball.’ I thought it was perfect! It certainly has that anxious spirit we all have from time to time when we get in tough spots, but it’s a fun tune that has great energy and a different sound than you normally hear in bluegrass ‘barn burner’ instrumentals.” – Andy Leftwich

Jesper Lindell, “It Ain’t Easy”

Last summer, on the banks of the Ätran beside Tryckhallen – Rootsy Summer & Winter Fests’ home venue – in Falkenberg, Sweden, Jesper Lindell offered two songs in simple, stripped down, acoustic performances for his Rootsy Summer Session. On a balcony overlooking the rushing water and festival stage, he sings “It Ain’t Easy,” a song of long-suffering and devotion from his 2023 EP, Windows Vol. 1.

Read more and watch the full session here.

Theo MacMillan, “The One That’s Broken”

For our second original session this week, Theo MacMillan (of Theo & Brenna) and his band performed for an exclusive Yamaha Session at Solar Cabin last fall. MacMillan, who brought along Jed Clark (bass), Harry Clark (mandolin), and Cory Walker (banjo), pulled his Yamaha acoustic guitar out of the case and performed two original numbers. The first, “The One That’s Broken,” leans forward at a breakneck pace, channeling the frustration of a messy relationship’s end with cattywampus stops artfully executed by the band, tight and together.

Watch more here.

Photo Credit: Caleb Caudle by Joseph Cash; Zoe Boekbinder by Justin Nunnink.

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You Gotta Hear This: New Music from Caleb Caudle, Zoe Boekbinder, and More
You Gotta Hear This: New Music from Caleb Caudle, Zoe Boekbinder, and More