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Roots Culture Redefined
MIXTAPE: JigJam’s Irish Bluegrass

MIXTAPE: JigJam’s Irish Bluegrass

We all grew up in rural Ireland in small communities in the midlands around County Offaly and County Tipperary. From a young age we were brought up with traditional Irish music, learning the tunes and playing in local sessions. Bluegrass was never...
By: Guest Columnist
Toy Heart

Alison Krauss ‚Äď Toy Heart: A Podcast About Bluegrass

We could hardly think of a better guest with whom we‚Äôd conclude our second season of Toy Heart than 27-time Grammy Award winner, Alison Krauss. Arguably the most prominent bluegrass musician in the genre‚Äôs nearly one hundred year history ‚Äď certainly the most well-known in her own generation ‚Äď hos...
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