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BGS Wraps: Johnnyswim, “A Hard Year’s Christmas”

Dec 22, 2021


Artist: Johnnyswim
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Song: “A Hard Year’s Christmas”

In Their Words: “Coming into this holiday season, we personally felt the weight of a long and hard year, filled with some disappointing surprises and lots of tests on our patience and long suffering. This song came as a sort of whispered reminder that this season isn’t just for the good years, but even more so for the years of hurting and trial because this is a season of giving, of imagination, of togetherness, and if we make space, of joy.” — Abner Ramirez

“Writing this song was the catharsis we needed; it’s about hope and hardship, wonder and weariness while coexisting with each other during the holiday. We hope it helps heal a bruised holiday for those of us that could use it.” — Amanda Sudano-Ramirez

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BGS Wraps: Johnnyswim,
BGS Wraps: Johnnyswim,