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LISTEN: Mary Bragg, “Panorama”

Jul 21, 2022


Artist: Mary Bragg
Hometown: Swainsboro, Georgia
Song: “Panorama”
Album: Mary Bragg
Release Date: September 30, 2022
Label: Tone Tree Music

In Their Words: “‘Panorama’ describes a perspective shift, when your awareness of a place, and of the relationships surrounding that place, change drastically. It’s a view you can only find once you take a look at it from, say, the top of a Ferris wheel at the county fair, or many years later, from a thousand miles away. I’m originally from a pretty small town, where knowing almost every person comes with a series of interesting turns. And when you go off and live your own life, you’re bound to disappoint people at some point (as it turns out). It could be easy to write them off, but for me, I couldn’t; so I keep showing up and being myself, and just as quickly as an apple falls from a tree, they surprise me and prove my assumptions wrong, meeting me halfway with love and kindness.” — Mary Bragg

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LISTEN: Mary Bragg,
LISTEN: Mary Bragg,