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LISTEN: Steven Denmark, “Only Home I Need”

Jun 1, 2022


Artist: Steven Denmark
Hometown: Northern California
Song: “Only Home I Need”
Release Date: June 2, 2022

In Their Words: “‘Only Home I Need’ was a song that really just fell into my lap. I set out to write a simple love song, which may sound redundant, but it was territory I’ve never ventured into as a songwriter. I wanted to write something that people could emotionally connect with, lyrically and musically. I didn’t know where the song would go when I first wrote it. The writing process was quick, but everything really fell into place when we got into Tiny Tape Room to record it. The vibe of the studio and the musicians who played on the song had a huge part in crafting it into something special. My hope is that ‘Only Home I Need’ is a song that people will connect with and will continue to listen to for years to come. The slow pace and overall vibe has a presence about it that I feel can draw people in. Even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s a song that evokes a feeling of genuine human connection.” — Steven Denmark

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LISTEN: Steven Denmark,
LISTEN: Steven Denmark,