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Sitch Sessions: Dom Flemons, “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad”

Mar 9, 2016


BGS has partnered with American-made microphone companyĀ Ear Trumpet Labs (ETL)Ā for the Portland Series which features ETLā€™s handcrafted microphones alongside some of Americanaā€™s most acclaimed artists.Ā ETLā€™s microphones are the brainchild of Philip Graham, who strived to create a unique product that was both visually and aurally stunning,Ā delivering studio quality sound inĀ a live setting, which is exemplified in theĀ video series.

American songsterĀ DomĀ Flemons takes to a “treehouse” for his feisty rendition ofĀ “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.”Ā Brian Farrow accompanies Flemons on fiddle, and the two really lay into the old traditionalĀ that has been done up by everyone from Woody Guthrie to Elizabeth Cotten to Bill Monroe to the Grateful Dead. Flemons and Farrow don’t doĀ allĀ of the tune’s verses, leaving room for them to swap runs on the harmonica and fiddle.

Be sure to catch all of the Portland Series videos andĀ vote on your favorite for a chance to win an ETL microphone.

Filmed in Portland, Oregon, in association with EAR TRUMPET LABS

Sitch Sessions: Dom Flemons,

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Sitch Sessions: Dom Flemons,
Sitch Sessions: Dom Flemons,