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Sitch Sessions: Rose Cousins, ‘Freedom’

May 9, 2017


Singer/songwriter Rose Cousins is so well-known for her tearjerking tunes that she has t-shirts espousing her ability to make folks cry. But for her Sitch Session, she took a different tack, performing the emotionally anthemic “Freedom” off her latest release, Natural Conclusion. At least it sounds emotionally anthemic, but when you really tune in, you hear that Cousins isn’t actually singing the praises of romantic independence. “Well the tides of love, they ride the moon. And it’s only at night that I think of you, and my newfound freedom from your caress,” she disclaims before packing the real punch to her own gut, “And freedom from the blame, I guess.”

Shot and edited by Richard Downie 

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Sitch Sessions: Rose Cousins, 'Freedom'
Sitch Sessions: Rose Cousins, 'Freedom'