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Slide Guitarist Ariel Posen Offers an Expressive Touch Like “Nobody Else”

Jan 25, 2022


Songwriting, instrumental virtuosity, and musical imagination are only a couple of things that set Ariel Posen apart as a recording artist. The Canadian singer-songwriter is a member of the top echelon of slide guitar players alive today, but he doesn’t fit into the same clichés that many other slide guitarists get lumped into. With expressiveness and touch, Posen melds his roots and blues influences with an intuition for songwriting that makes him stand out as a performer.

Recently, Posen announced a North American spring tour that will see him performing all across America and Canada. Sultry and smooth, pretty and gritty, Ariel Posen has really developed a style that balances seemingly opposite qualities into a velvety, absorbing sound, and in 2022, that sound will be on full display. Get a preview with this video of “Nobody Else,” shot live in Montreal. (And to hear more, check out his music video for “Now I See” on BGS.)

Photo Credit: Nate Forest

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