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WATCH: Ben Garnett, “The House on Wisteria” (Feat. Brittany Haas)

Feb 22, 2023


Artist: Ben Garnett
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
Song: “The House on Wisteria” (Feat. Brittany Haas)
Album: Imitation Fields
Release Date: March 17, 2023
Label: Padiddle Records

In Their Words: “‘The House on Wisteria’ is a tune that took me a long time (several years) to write, as is often the case with pieces that I know are going to be important to me. Distantly inspired by various forms of Scandinavian folk music, I wanted to funnel the serious, haunting temperament often found in that music into a personal catharsis of a time come and gone. A time of formation and growth that can only be valued and loved by looking back in time. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help with this vision than Brittany Haas, with her vast knowledge of different folk musics, and who can so effortlessly craft an immense amount of life and spirit in each musical space she’s a part of. The album recording features a slightly different ensemble, with Paul Kowert on bass, Brittany Haas on fiddle, and my old friend Matt Young on snare drum/glockenspiel, all of whom I think inhabit the space of this piece beautifully.” — Ben Garnett

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WATCH: Ben Garnett,
WATCH: Ben Garnett,