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WATCH: Roses & Revolutions, “Coffee” (From Nettwerk 21 in ’21)

Oct 25, 2021


Artist: Roses & Revolutions
Hometown: Rochester, New York
Song: “Coffee” (from Nettwerk 21 in ’21)
Album: Midnight Monsters
Label: Nettwerk Music Group
Release Date: October 15, 2021

In Their Words: “Towards the beginning of quarantine, when everything felt very mundane, I brought my mind back to being on tour just at the beginning of March, to quite literally sitting downstairs in the lobby of one of the hotels, sipping a cup of coffee. I realized there’s something so small and special about it… there have been many times in my life that things have been discussed, or worked out with someone in a lobby of a hotel, whether in person or on the phone. Some of our most treasured moments happen over a simple cup of coffee. Especially on tour, it’s our way to unwind, have time to ourselves and work through whatever’s on our mind. This song captures a moment in a troubled relationship where things are worked out over a cup of coffee together.” — Alyssa Coco, Roses & Revolutions

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WATCH: Roses & Revolutions,
WATCH: Roses & Revolutions,