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  • Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Katie Cole
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Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Katie Cole

May 13, 2021


For this year’s virtual Folk Alliance International and SXSW conferences, BGS collaborated with Yamaha Guitars to film performances from some of the artists we are most excited about in 2021. After several weeks of publicly releasing these exclusive videos, we are down to our penultimate performance!

Growing up in a very musical family in Australia, singer-songwriter Katie Cole taught herself to play piano and guitar. After gigging across Australia, a stroke of good luck put Cole in touch with producer Howard Willing, and thus began her American music career. After moving to Los Angeles, Cole landed a gig touring with Smashing Pumpkins and later recorded with country legends like Glen Campbell and Kris Kristofferson. Currently based in Nashville, Cole will be releasing new music later this year.

Cole begins her performance with her 2020 single “Hands Tied.” In the chorus she sings, “Another crash and burn I won’t survive/ What can you do with your hands tied?” capturing the fear and hesitancy someone with a broken heart may experience when falling in love again, but still falling all the same. 

Next, Cole sings “Time On My Hands” off of her 2018 EP, Things that Break, Pt. 1. While initially written about heartbreak and loss, the song has taken on new meaning in the last year. In the second verse, Cole laments, “Like a bird sings in a cage/ Trapped by my own mistakes/ This too will pass, all my friends say/ Guess it’s just a waiting game,” evoking all the time we’ve spent sitting in our apartments and homes over the last year wondering when things will return to any sort of recognizable normal. 

The performance concludes with Cole’s latest single, “I’m Gonna Love You,” which paints a portrait of a supportive and loving relationship: “We all fall down/ We all make mistakes/ And you’re there to save me/ With each word you say/ You are who you are/ You make me who I am/ So I’m gonna love you/ the best that I can.”

You can discover more about Yamaha Guitars and the Yamaha Custom Shop at YamahaGuitars.com.

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Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Katie Cole
Yamaha x BGS Artist Sessions: Katie Cole